Hello My name is Tohid TOHIDI and i love singing. Since my childhood i have been singing. I was born on 1987 in Iran where i left it behind me and turned new page on 2012 in order to persue my dream of singing professionally and passion of music in Luxembourg. When i came to Luxembourg i had no clue about how I can follow my dream, out of nothing especially when you are a refugee in a camp next to German-Luxembourg border Wecker . Through the music i realized i can integrate myself more into new environment and society . Recording a meaningful Luxembourgish-Persian-English song with serge Tonnar called "Standing Man". Another multi-lingual music with a Multi Talented Luxembourgish artist Michel Fouarge, i have experienced in a French-Persian song called "tu me manques " and more music and videos are available on internet . I would like to help others who are intersting about singing and music production .

Soheil Nouri is our Iranian singer, music producer , guitar player and singing professeur, well known on international stages. He has performed throughout Europe and Asia and has led several collaborations in the genre of pop-rock. He provides vocal workshops and composes.