Anne Lindner

The one sentence, that I wrote down once while I was studying in England was: 'My Art wants to get famous'. This is it. My work is out there, showing my personal encounters with various themes and issues. Holding an exhibition feels like giving away a little of your personality through the works produced: your opinions, your emotions. Art that does not trigger emotions is decoration. The Art that I produce, is there to trigger a reaction in any kind of way: be it anger or shock, happy or sad, as long as there is a reaction. My intention is to give the beholder a reaction towards it: his own personal experience.

Art has always been the one passion in my life, that has followed me around everywhere. I always am doing something in this field, be it in different media. I still don't like to be limited in my doings, and it is great to be free in what my mind can create. The great thing about being an artist is that we are not supposed to be limited and not to think inside boxes.

Being an artist is one of the weirdest jobs ever, one has to create 'things': it is a calling, that is inside, it just has to come to the surface at some point. It keeps you haunted and up all night, just to do what you have to do. It screams in your head, and it has to be 'made'. This is the true challenge, that I encounter every day, the urge to produce something visible. Some people will understand, and some will not, this is what makes the job so interesting: you never know what will happen if you expose the work that you have done.

I do not have a specific workfield, the reason why I do art, is because one can always change the material, and technique one is working with. This is what makes me passionate, because one is not limited to the material. It usually starts with a basic idea, and then it becomes a concept. I have worked with many different media and material, such as video, sound, performance, paintings, photography, drawings, modrock, paint, acrylics, wax, plastic, the list goes on and on. I cannot say what medium I like best, because for me it is about exploring the material. At Uni one of my tutors once told me, that I had to chose one medium and stick with it, to create an own manuscript. I guess I found my manuscript by varying the material and media. The urge to vary and to be multitasking is what makes my persona as an artist, so my tutor did have a point, it's just what you make of it.

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Name: Anne Lindner Born 1981 in Germany 2007: BA in Fine Art and Crafts, DeMontfort University, UK Since 2009: freelance Artist in Luxembourg



  • Prix de Révélation, Salon CAL, Ministère de la Culture
  • Prix Mediart, de Mediart

Exhibitions (Selection):


  • 'Every Living Creature Dies Alone – A Reconnection', Solo Exhibition, Galerie Schlassgoart, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg


  • Amnesty International, ancien Carrés, Luxembourg;
  • 'Dead End Stories', Konschthaus Beim Engel, Luxembourg,
  • 'Zaepert', Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg;
  • Gallery 'Maggie Stein', Bettembourg, Luxembourg


  • 'Wenig Licht am Morgen', Solo Exhibition, Ten Gallery, Mannheim, T6,10;
  • 'Quartier 3', Esch/Alzette,Luxembourg;
  • 'Bamhaus goes Schlassgoart', Esch/Alzette, Schlassgoart, Luxembourg


  • Two Days Art, 3rd edition, Luxexpo Kirchberg, Luxembourg;
  • L’art-Rochette, International Contemporary Exhibition, Larochette Castle, Luxembourg;
  • Food for your Senses Festival, Bissen, Luxembourg;
  • Konscht am Park,Bettembourg, Luxembourg


  • Pop Art Deco Up, Artshop, Mediart, Luxembourg;
  • TwoDaysArt, LuxExpo, Kirchberg, Luxembourg;
  • Salon 2013,Cercle Artistque du Luxembourg, Carrerotondes, Luxembourg;
  • 'Emergenzia', Brasserie du Casino, Saarguemines,France;
  • 'Wasteland', Konschthaus beim Engel, Luxembourg;
  • 'LANDeSCAPES', Solo Exhibition, Casa Fabiana,Luxembourg


  • Performance: Wasteland', Rocas, Luxembourg; ' Performance: Wasteland', Fete de la Musique, The Holy Ghost Stage, Plateau St. Esprit, Luxembourg;
  • 'Performance: Wasteland', Little Woodstock 2nd Open Air Art Festival, Larochette, Luxembourg;
  • 'Performance: Wasteland', Rocas, Luxembourg


  • 'Ladyfest: Can someGIRL plug me in?’, Galerie Terre Rouge Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg


  • 'Rock am Knueddler', Video on a 7m X 7m screen for Traumkapitän, Luxembourg City;
  • Video presentation, on a 7m X 7m screen for Traumkapitän CD-release, CNA , Dudelange, Luxembourg;
  • Video Installation and Team Leader at the Kultur- und Werkshof Nauwieserstrasse: 'Grenzenlos...!? Sans Limites...!?' Exhibition, Saarbrücken, Germany;
  • 'Grenzenlos, sans limites', Immigrationszentrum Berlin, Museumsinsel Berlin, Germany


  • 'Grenzenlos, sans limties', Abbaye Neumünster, Luxembourg; Video presentation with Performance: The 7 deadly sins, The ordinary man, The journey,'Open Screen', TRANScient City, Bonnevoie, Luxembourg; 'Degree Show', The 7 deadly sins Installation, De Montfort University, Leicester, England, Paintings and Performance The 7 deadly sins Exhibition 'Ode to Patti'


Mobil: 00352 691675723
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